Dusk ’til Dawn – April/May 2019

Rest and sleep are fundamental human requirements. However, when you aren’t feeling your best mentally, one of the first things that is often affected is the quality of your sleep. Whether the troubles rise with you in the morning, or creep into bed with you at night, we’ve put together four blogs with tips, trick and general advice on how to cope.


Early Morning Self-Care


“It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I agree and would like to expand this to the whole morning in general.  How we spend our mornings can set the mood for the rest of the day and is therefore the most important part of the day for that very reason.” Written by Emma, this blog offers simple, easy-to-achieve things you can do each morning to help you start your day positively.


Coping with Morning Anxiety


“Cold sweats, racing heart, sinking stomach, buzzing mind. And all you’ve done is open your eyes.” Written by Jodie, this blog offers some little tips on how to cope with and hopefully overcome with waking anxiety, allowing you to get on with smashing your day!



Coping With Nighttime Anxiety


“It’s the end of the day and you’re looking forward to snuggling down in your comfy bed and drifting off to dream land. Except when your head hits the pillow you don’t drift off at all. Instead, it kicks up a notch.” Written by Jen, this blog explores the little steps you can take to battle and hopefully overcome nighttime anxiety.


10 Tricks to Help Beat Sleeplessness

Finally, we just wanted to offer some simple, tried-and-tested tricks that can help you nod off after stressful day.


Sleep tight, rise well and take care of yourself

The ECBC Team x