At Any Age – November 2018

We can live with a mental illness at any age.

#AtAnyAge is an ECBC campaign created to raise awareness of how anyone can live with a mental illness at any age and how we each have our own stories.

We asked members of the public at different ages to write their stories and give any tips or advice they could to help others. Five incredibly brave and inspiring people came forward and have shared their stories.


Courtney, aged 17, shared what it was like to be in education and live with a mental illness.


Michael, aged 25, shared his story of depression after leaving university and how coped.


Our own ECBC content writer Jen, 30…something, shares her story of how she faced her mental illness head-on and how she continues to triumph.


45 year old ClareClare, another fantastic soul, tells us about her recent struggle with her anxiety and how she has become more open since.


Finally, 50 year old Neville, shares his story of accepting his mental illness and gives great advice for others struggling.

We are always looking for people to tell us their stories and share advice for others living with a mental illness. If you would like to share your story you can email us at x