Our Campaigns

As well as running our weekly blog, we also create content campaigns that tackle specific issues. These spread over our blog, social media channels and even into our events calendar. Here is what we’ve done to date.

Our Ongoing Campaigns

Know Your Community

Tribe Fitness
Image courtesy of TRIBE MCR

Since 2018, we have been raising awareness of the various individuals, groups, charities and organisations who are helping people in and around Manchester to boost their mental health, cope with illness and find a reason to smile. Know someone we should be speaking to? Please let us know!


Selfcare September 2018

In September 2018 we ran a 30 day campaign raising awareness of self-care and how we can take care of ourselves one day at a time… So what was #SelfcareSeptember all about? As the clock striked and September 1st began, so did ECBC’s month of self-care. 30 days of looking after ourselves, focusing on our… Continue reading Selfcare September 2018