Helpful Things

There are lots of helpful resources out there, but it can be overwhelming to take the time to research who can help. Below is a list of free mental health resources, from local and national organisations to places where you can talk about your feelings in a non-judgemental environment. This is by no means exhaustive and we will keep adding more as we find them.

Please note that whilst we want to provide all the support we can, we are not medical professionals and we can only advise based on our own personal experiences and research. If you are seriously concerned about your mental health, we would always recommend seeking help from your GP or a mental health professional.
If you are in a crisis and need urgent help, please contact:

National Organisations

Anxiety UK – support, advice and information for those suffering with anxiety-based mental illness.

Beat – the UK’s eating disorder charity, offering a variety of different supportive services and a wealth of information to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

The Blurt Foundation – focused on increasing awareness and understanding of depression.

Childline – an invaluable resource for children, it has some really useful and accessible pages on mental health for young people.

Mind – providing a wealth of advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

OCD UK – run by and for people with lived experience of OCD, they provide evidence-based information, advice and support to those affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

PTSD UK – dedicated to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder, matter the trauma that caused it, in three main areas – its causes, symptoms and the treatments available.

SANE – aims to reduce the impact of mental illness, improve treatment and increase knowledge and understanding of mental illness in the public eye.

Time to Change – led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, Time to Change is a growing social movement working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems.

Need to Chat?

Elefriends – a supportive online community created by Mind, providing a safe place to listen, share experiences and be heard. (There’s also an app that you can download)

Samaritans – providing “a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don’t feel like you can phone them, you can also contact them via email, text, post or even pop into your local branch for a face-to-face chat.

ECBC – We also offer 1 to 1 chats and meetups in a neutral place or online. Check our our Here for You page for more information.

Manchester-Based Organisations

42nd Street – 42nd Street supports young people aged 11-25 years with their emotional well-being and mental health, promoting choice and creativity. They champion young person centred approaches that demonstrate local impact and have national significance.

Manchester Mind – affiliated to Mind but an independently-run charity, it aims to support better mental health for everyone by providing a range of support, information and training services to the people of Manchester.

Self Help Services (Greater Manchester)– a user-led mental health charity based in the North of England, there to provide the support, advice, tools and techniques you need to help you take control of your life (including crisis support, local therapy services and eTherapy courses)

Manchester – 0161 226 3871
Stockport – 0161 480 2020

Talking Therapies (East Cheshire) – a therapy self-referral service for those registered with a GP in the East Cheshire area. Talking Therapies can help you with everyday issues that affect your mental wellbeing, as well as professional support for more serious mental health difficulties.

Other Online Resources

Living Life to the Full – Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resiliency.

moodgym – describes itself as being like “an interactive self-help book” which helps you to learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. organization that provides reliable and extensive information regarding alcohol. The goal of this site is to educate the public on the severity of alcohol use disorders, while reducing the stigma associated with the disease. – CBT self-help resources including free worksheets, handouts, MP3 downloads about subjects such as guided relaxation and medication. – source of information on addiction and recovery for those who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and co-morbid mental health conditions. – Sunshine Behavioural Health have created a resource that discusses the correlation between Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, and how we can collectively bring awareness and treatment to this issue.