ECBC Manchester is currently ran by volunteers in their spare time alongside full-time employment. We have big plans for the organisation – but with plans comes funding. In order to achieve our goal we need lovely people like you to help us along the way.

In order to start our journey Emma (our founder) is running the Great Manchester 10k in May 2020 in attempt to raise funds for the organisation.

What the money will go towards:

Building a physical safe space for those living with a mental illness is on top of our priority list. When feeling suicidal Emma went to A&E, however wouldn’t it be great to have a local space here in Manchester for people to go to when feeling low?

We are not health care professionals, but we are ambitious Mancunians with big dreams to help those living with a mental illness. With money raised we can work towards this dream and help make it a reality. We need funding to organise this, to run mental health workshops, to provide that safe space.

So please, if you have any spare pennies, donate here.