Our Events

When you’re feeling low, it is often difficult to convince yourself to leave the house. Our regular meetups are designed to offer people from all ages and backgrounds the chance to come together, meet new people, share experiences and have some fun in all Manchester has to offer!

All the details for what we’ve got coming up are on our Facebook page. If you want to talk to us about anything beforehand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Walk and Talks


Our regular walks are held in different parks and natural areas around South Manchester. These give people the opportunity to spend some time in nature, get some fresh air and chat about whatever they are going through in a safe, no-pressure and no-judgement atmosphere.

There are often lots of cute dogs too!

Manchester Events


We also host a variety of other events, trips and meet-up opportunities. We’ve been to find the Bees in Manchester City Centre, spent the afternoon at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and just met up for a morning brew in Didsbury, amongst a whole host of other things!

Wellbeing Events

20180922_1136217399205331870916027.jpgWe are also looking to host more events focused specifically on wellbeing, including basic dance lessons, exercise classes, meditation sessions, group talking therapy.