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Work Your Wardrobe – #QueerEye

When you’re struggling with mental illness it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by the simplest things. Everyday tasks seem insurmountable and we end up feeling helpless, useless, and surrounded by chaos. Getting back on top of those runaway trains of thought and feeling can seem impossible, but sometimes a small change can make a big… Continue reading Work Your Wardrobe – #QueerEye

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#SelfcareSeptember – Blurt’s Buddy Box Review: A Growing Seed

Yes, I've gone and ordered another Buddy Box, but it's #SelfcareSeptember and it would be rude not to surely?  I constantly mention my inspiration: Blurt Foundation. Set up by Jayne Hardy, Blurt supports anyone with depression with helpful resources, online blogs, organises projects. They are national treasures and I am inspired by them everyday. One of… Continue reading #SelfcareSeptember – Blurt’s Buddy Box Review: A Growing Seed

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#SelfcareSeptember – Feeding your Mind

magine the scene; pot warming on the stove, steam steadily filling the kitchen, knife in your hand cutting vegetables delicately in what you imagine is a particularly chef-like manner (“rustic” is a particularly useful chef term for “bad at cutting”). You’re like a Shakespearean witch, a delicious potion bubbling in the cauldron as you tap in a sprinkling of this, a dusting of that (admittedly, less of the “eye of newt and toe of frog” and more “a sprig of thyme and clove of garlic”). For some, cooking is a chore- a vision of boredom. For me, this is self-care.

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Introducing ECBC’s #SelfcareSeptember

September? Already? Yes, August has left us and I've already got all my autumn clothes ready. What a month it's been! When we started this organisation we didn't imagine within the first few months we have as many followers and reactions to our posts. We just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who… Continue reading Introducing ECBC’s #SelfcareSeptember

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Why We Need to Fight the Stigma – My Experience

Head's up, this post contains open and honest discussion of abortion and suicide. If you can't or don't want to read it, then please don't. Just go and take care of yourself. If you do, then I trust that you know yourself well enough to know you can deal with those topics. Photograph credit: *****… Continue reading Why We Need to Fight the Stigma – My Experience