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5 Things You Can Do To Help Live with Depression

Depression is often described as a form of darkness. It can leave you bed-bound, isolated and desperate for answers. I can tell you though that it is possible to live with depression through my own experience and I have found the five tips below really helped. Emma x   1. Go outside Getting outside is… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Do To Help Live with Depression

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Between Love and Loathing

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. A day to show that special someone in your life how much you love them. Or, if you are cynical like me, a day to eye-roll at the print-a-sentiment cards, overpriced chocolates and booked-up restaurants. Despite my cold-heartedness, the day does remind me how important it is to now and… Continue reading Between Love and Loathing

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The Power of Storytelling – #NationalStorytellingWeek

The history of humankind is inextricably tied up with that of storytelling. From the earliest cave paintings, through the development of signed and spoken language to the written word and the development of social media, for as long as we have existed we have lived our lives through the telling of stories and through the… Continue reading The Power of Storytelling – #NationalStorytellingWeek

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A Woman’s Best Friend: How Having a Pet has Benefited my Life

Pets can be hard work, but they can make your life so whole. My partner and I adopted a puppy back in October and even though I can't remember what a full nights sleep is, he's changed my life for good. Scout, the Lurcher, is everything. You are looking after them, in which case looking… Continue reading A Woman’s Best Friend: How Having a Pet has Benefited my Life

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Dear People who use the term ‘Snowflake’ to Mock & Patronise

Hello. Emma here. I am a sensitive soul. I have social anxiety and depression. I don't like crowds, I don't like supermarkets, I generally panic when I have to leave my house to go somewhere that I don't know or know will be somewhere I won't feel safe. What I do have is empathy. What… Continue reading Dear People who use the term ‘Snowflake’ to Mock & Patronise

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#AtAnyAge: Fifties – Knowing Depression

Fifty-something friend of ECBC, Neville, shares his experiences of depression #AtAnyAge, what those experiences have felt like and the things that have helped. #AtAnyAge is a campaign created by ECBC Manchester to raise awareness that we can live with a mental illness at any stage during our lives and always deserve support.  Preamble: You may not… Continue reading #AtAnyAge: Fifties – Knowing Depression