About Us

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK every year will experience a mental health problem. This ranges from anxiety and depression to substance misuse to psychosis.

Mental health and wellbeing has become somewhat of a hot topic over the last few years. Whilst conversations are starting to flow a little more freely (at least in the public sphere), there is undoubtedly a long way to go.

  • Time to Change reports that 90% of people with mental health problems experience some form of stigma, whether from friends and family, at work, in education or during treatment.
  • 51% of young people believe that if a friend their age was diagnosed with a mental illness, that person would feel embarrassed.
  • A study by the Coop and the British Red Cross found that over 9 million people in the UK, almost a fifth of the population, across all adult ages, feel always or often lonely.

This is where ECBC comes in.


Our Story

ECBC Manchester was founded early April 2018 after a few glasses of wine and an ambition to raise awareness of, and to ultimately tackle, the loneliness and isolation mental illnesses can cause. From there, it has grown to become a platform where people can share their experiences and advice surrounding all kinds of mental illnesses or general wellbeing and a regular event-runner to make the most of all Manchester has to offer.

(As wine was involved we’re not really 100% sure what ECBC stands for, but it is fun to say and has a nice ring to it so it stuck!)

Our People

The ECBC team meeting our inspiration Matt Haig

ECBC is designed to be a community and a lot of our content is created by people from far and wide. However, to keep this all running and make sure we have lots of fresh, helpful content, we have a small but dedicated core team.

Founder: Emma

Emma was raised in Greater Manchester and trained to be a teacher. By day she works in a local college, by night she watches Netflix and cuddles up with her furry companions.

“I set up ECBC because I knew I wanted to help people like me. I know what it’s like to feel lonely and isolated. I feel like the key to helping is to talk to one another, I can’t tell you how it feels having conversations with friends, family or total strangers about mental health and hearing my own thoughts come out of their mouths. We all have mental health, but some have mental illnesses and it’s important to use the strong community we have in Manchester to raise awareness and tackle the stigma.”

Content Producer and Organiser: Jodie

By day, Jodie works at a PR company writing and coordinating content, planning campaigns, making to-do lists and drinking too many brews. By night, she does the same for ECBC! When not sat with her headphones on, furiously typing away, she is off exploring the world and dreaming up new ways for ECBC to reach those who need it most.

“Everybody at some point will need support, whether it is because of things happening in their life or because they are living with a mental illness. To be able to help provide something which not only supports people in times of need, but is a fun way to meet new people and feel the Manchester love is amazing. We are always stronger together”

Content Producer: Jen

Born and bred in South Manchester, Jen has spent most of her adult life pretending she’s not actually an adult, perpetually taking up jobs that involve spending a lot of time with teenagers. Currently supporting secondary students with their study of English Language and Literature, by day she’s to be found trying to convince said students of the importance of full stops; by night she curls up in the book fort that is her house and tries to write a novel.
“I was really honoured to be asked to join the ECBC team: mental illness has been a constant companion in both my personal and professional life, and I am passionate about continuing to find a healthy way to deal with my own demons and supporting others to recognise and deal with theirs. Hearing other people’s stories has always helped me feel less alone. By working with ECBC, I hope to help others in the same way.”

We are always looking for new people to join the team. If you have a skill you are willing and able to share, please get in touch!