Happy #PodcastDay – What We’ve Been Listening to During Lockdown

We love a good podcast here at ECBC! Whether we need something to make us laugh, teach us something new or help us feel less alone in our struggles, the wonderful world of podcasts always has something to offer.

Since today is Podcast Day, we thoughts we’d share with you some of of favourite podcasts that have been keeping us going through this turbulent time. Get your favourite podcast app ready – you’re going to want to add these to your to listen list!

Emma recommends:

Lockdown Parenting hosted by Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicome.

I have a lot of time for these two and this podcast. I’m not a parent but this podcast has been a great escape, a good laugh and also honest conversation between friends/celebs about parenting highs and lows. Just made me laugh so much over lockdown. Also they just seem like decent guys and down to earth.

How Do You Cope hosted by Ellis James and John Robins.

A new discovery but love it so far and working my way through episodes from 2019. Honest conversations with people about mental health and living with mental illnesses. Represents the importance of checking in with your friends and also just enjoy listening to the deep conversations they have. It can get heavy but they always prewarn you.

Jodie recommends:

Off Menu
This is my escapism podcast. The premise is simple. Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster ask celebrity guests what their dream starter, main course and dessert is. But it’s so funny and has also helped me to rediscover my love of cooking!

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

This podcast self describes as bringing you “potent truths for everyday use” and that is definitely what it delivers. Covering a whole host of subjects, from anxiety and self esteem to what it means to be black in today’s world, I’ve learnt and thought about so much listening to this and keep telling everyone I meet to listen to it! It also has the best use of sound effects I’ve heard on a podcast.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

I absolutely love this podcast and have definitely recommended it via ECBC before but, over lockdown, I have had a chance to go back to listen to some of the back catalogue. Day chats to a whole host of interesting and unexpected guests about their perception of failure and how they’ve found power to move through it and turn it into success.

Jen recommends:

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

This podcast has brought me so much joy and comfort over the last few months. I love the raw honesty of the interviews, the vulnerability of both Jameela and her guests, the openness to fucking up and learning and the laughter and friendship evident in every conversation. Each episode is unique and personal but all tackle big issues in an accessible way. And Jameela is so flipping relatable. I particularly loved last week’s episodes with Matt Haig (you all know I’m a huge fan of his!), Stephanie Yeboah and Munroe Bergdorf – but quite frankly they’re all brilliant! Great for interesting conversations with interesting people that make you feel a little less alone.

Poetry Unbound with Padráig Ó Tuama

There is something so soothing about poetry – especially when it’s read to you in a gentle Irish accent! Poetry Unbound has provided me with a wonderful way to find some headspace. Following a really simple format, in each short episode, Padráig introduces and reads a poem, reflects briefly on the themes, language and what it means to him and closes by reading it a second time. It is a beautiful and accessible way to absorb poetry and is such a calming listen. It always helps me feel both grounded and uplifted.

So there you have it! Our favourite lockdown listens. We hope you’ll find something new to fill your ears with.

Are you a podcast fan? What have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Happy #PodcastDay – What We’ve Been Listening to During Lockdown”

  1. I love the sounds of Off Menu, Lockdown Parenting, and Poetry Unbound! I am always looking for something to learn from, something to laugh at, or simply something to think on so thanks for sharing some podcasts I do not know. 🙂


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