Dial Emma: Why I Created a Podcast and How It Helped with my Mental Health

This week we spoke to Emma, from Manchester, who created her own podcast and continues to promote mental health awareness.
Hi! I’m Emma, I’m 24, and right now i’m based right here in my living room – but usually I work around Manchester city centre. I teach yoga, study for my Masters degree at the university, and of course – record podcasts!
Dial Emma really came about because I love to build connections and chat with people – especially with my close friends or those interesting people we meet with stories to tell. My job is very social and I just felt that it would be a fun thing to do, with no pressure to get episodes out, just something fun and informative for whoever wants to listen! Jack (our producer) and I have been friends for some time now and both felt like his audio-technical and my chit chat skills were a good match for a podcast, so it came about really naturally and pretty quickly!

As someone who suffers with their own mental health issues from time to time, I can say that for me it really does help. There’s something comforting about feeling a part of the conversation, and hearing people’s views. Recording Dial Em always makes us laugh, so it’s definitely a good way to unwind for us and for listeners.

I think that Fearne Cotton’s podcast ‘Happy Place’ is a great one for covering MH topics, but also keeping things positive and has lots of helpful information and advice from professionals and people who have been through similar things to us all. Or listening to anyone that you admire can really help with getting good advice – I love Oprah and her ‘Super Soul Conversations’ – her and her guests are really inspiring and it’s a comforting listen for sure.
Mental health services appear to be doing the best they can – people dedicate so much of their time and energy to helping others and usually on a voluntary basis. For example somewhere like the registered charity ‘Mind’ is a great alternative to medical mental health support – but you really do have to look around and find what feels like a good fit for you. It’s always okay to ask for help, so reach out and seek support from whichever avenues you get a good feeling from, take recommendations from friends and use the support groups available to you – you’re not alone!
Since lock down (sorry to bring it up!) we have been so busy with working from home and just trying to get ourselves through this weird time, that we haven’t yet put out a new episode since the Harry Potter episode! That one really makes me giggle, if you’re a fan – you’ll get it, and I hope you find it interesting, it’s just a bit of fun! But we have got some episodes in the works, so stay tuned.
R.e. the future of our podcast, who knows? I like to dream big, so to imagine that we could do a podcast as a job is such a cool idea to me, there are so many topics and people i’d like to chat about/with – and if it’s helpful to listeners then that’s an even better reason! But to be totally honest, we’re just enjoying creating at a relaxed pace, so keep your eye out for episodes as and when they appear.
At Dial Emma we love hearing from you! So drop us a message or comment, maybe take part in one of our quizzes/pols on social to get involved and let us know what you think/what you want to hear! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts/iTunes or Spotify (or wherever you get your pods!) so that you never miss a new ep. Drop us a rating if you’d be so kind πŸ™‚

Thank you to Emma for talking to us and discussing your amazing podcast. All pictures used belong to Emma and are on her instagram that you can follow here.

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