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Health Anxiety: Tips and Advice during the COVID-19 crisis

We are all in very anxious times. The unknown is keeping us up at night. Jobs have been lost, families separated, businesses broken –  2020 is seeming to be a very complex year so far. None of us know exactly what to do and how to keep calm throughout all this, but we thought we would share some tips from the team to help you during this difficult time.


Only use the NHS website and 111

Anxiety can spread, just as much as viruses can. Especially if we are using a range of news bulletins, social media and websites researching the COVID-19 virus. My mother works for the NHS and has always advised me to stick to the NHS website if I’m unsure about my health. The information on there is made by qualified medical professions and are facts. We cannot be sure if other websites are opinion or rumours. Especially at an unsure time like this please stick to the NHS guidelines or ring 111 if unsure.


Switch off if you need to

If the news is bringing you constant worry, make sure you are having breaks from it. Don’t be continuously refreshing your feed, this isn’t healthy. If you are going onto social media and all you can see is constant negativity, switch off. It’s important to be there for friends who are struggling, however you also need to look after your own mental health.


It’s okay to feel like shit

Excuse my language, but it was needed. It’s completely okay for you to feel like shit right now. We are in a shit situation and the unknown only naturally makes us worry. It’s okay to be struggling getting dressed or showered if self-isolating, we are not used to having to stick inside 24/7.

I feel it can be particularly hard for the parents who are currently having to self-isolate with their kids. You are not meant to suddenly overnight transform into a teacher with multiple resources and a sticker chart – you are still a parent who is juggling a lot right now. Allow yourself some time to chill with your children, they are also probably extremely confused right now and more than likely more motivated to relax with a motivating activity than sit down and complete their GCSEs.


Try and continue basic self-care

Brush your teeth, try and shower, recognise the importance of a morning routine even if you are not going anywhere apart from the same walls. This basic self-care is so significant, it can help you get going and make you feel that slightly bit more human. Along with this, make sure you are still eating properly, breakfast is still important before we start our day. When you are going food shopping try and plan your meals for the next 7 days, I know the shops are looking bare at moments in the day but don’t believe everything you see.


Do something to distract you

A lot of people are saying online that this may be a great time to start that new hobby! This can be a positive opportunity from a negative situation. Keep your mind distracted, even if this is by watching a new Netflix series! There are many fitness instructors still offering online classes for HIIT, yoga, meditation, to help us keep moving and switch off from all this for a bit. I have also read about 5 books in one week – but it’s keep me going.


If possible try and get some fresh air

Current regulations say we can still go outside once per day, so make sure if it is possible to go for a social distancing walk or run. Walk the dog and get outside for a short while, it makes such a massive difference!

If you are not feeling up to going outside, try and open your windows, it can make such a big difference to get some fresh air inside the house. Especially if it’s as beautiful as it has been the past 5 days – get some sunshine rays inside. If you have a garden try and get outside, potter about, water those plants you forgot about that hopefully are still going. Gardening is a great distraction also.


Do your bit to help

If you are like me, I like to feel I can control some part of the situation I have been dealt. For those wanting to help please donate to local food banks, if you are not high-risk you can help local communities by helping the elderly with their food shop. Facebook is great to having groups for your village/town and people will post on their any queries or if they need help with anything.


Follow the regulations, stay safe and stay inside

I never thought I would follow a single word Boris Johnson said… but we need to listen to the rules and regulations to avoid further spread and keep us all safe. Make sure if you are going for a walk outside, keep your distance to others and be sensible.  If you are going food shopping please be cautious, use gloves where you can and only shop once a week if possible.


Keep talking

With the new rules and regulations in place it can be easy for us to isolate completely from the world, however thankfully we still have our technology and it is vital we still communicate. There are numerous apps on phones and devices to keep us talking – houseparty, skype, facetime, Netflix party – use them, take this opportunity to chat with friends you may have not had time to speak to recently.


I mean it… keep talking

We are all feeling extremely anxious right now. For those who live with anxiety we may be feeling even lower than usual, but we are all joined together by the unknown. It’s important we voice our concerns, not keep them in. Share with your friends that you are feeling scared or you are pissed off – lots of people are currently jobless, homeless, some in a city they don’t know unable to get home. We are all frightened, but we are not alone.


Please comment below if you would like to share any advice or just get something off your chest. We are sending all our love to you and your families, your colleagues and your community. Massive thank you to all the key workers continuing to support vulnerable people at this time. Thank you to our NHS workers. You are true heroes. 

Em, Jodie and Jen x

8 thoughts on “Health Anxiety: Tips and Advice during the COVID-19 crisis”

  1. These are really good suggestions, so helpful, positive and encouraging. It really is such a strange and uncertain time, but we are all in this together 🙂 That is such a good point about limiting social media and taking care of our mental health as it can all get very overwhelming at times! Thanks for sharing your tips, stay safe and well ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  2. Thanks for the tips I have anxiety and been in isolation due to being sick it’s hard because I’m also a key worker so while everyone is inside and worrying I’ve gotta go outside and worry. Been subjecting myself to the news a lot lately and it’s really anxiety inducing and it’s really good to do something else because outside of trying to social distance, trying to stay well, using 111 if we need to and following guidelines by health professionals, being able to help friends or those who are vulnerable without spreading the virus there’s not else we can actually do.

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  3. I love your very honest and blunt suggestions. These will help a lot of people right now as anxiety is so high for all of us. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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