#KnowYourCommunity: Claire your local Spirital Wellness Coach

#KnowYourCommunity is an ECBC campaign that hopes to raise awareness of groups/charities/organisations/individuals that help those living with a mental illness and empowering others.

ECBC spoke to Claire, self-employed spiritual wellness coach, about her career in wellbeing and how she is trying to help promote a healthy wellbeing in and around Manchester.

I’m Claire Thorpe, I live in North Manchester with my husband Stephen, my German shepherd puppy Loki and pet chickens Nando and Piri! I’m a Head of Marketing for a healthcare software company and I also have my own wellness coaching business.

I’ve coined the term ‘Spiritual Wellness Coach’ for myself as I felt it fit the best for what I offer, but it’s really a blend of health and fitness, with spiritual practices, looking at health and wellness in body, mind and soul.

On the fitness side, I am a huge fan of home fitness programmes. Having social anxiety around gym culture, I preferred to keep fit ‘in private’ at home. Ever since I discovered the home workout programme Insanity in 2007 I’ve been sweating in my home gym! Initially I started getting fit to lose weight (corporate lifestyle started to spread my middle), I realised that my health and fitness routine helped me hugely with my mental health. I’ve had periods of severe anxiety since my early 20’s and I feel that my commitment to my own health and well being helps me get through both good and bad times.
When I started seeing great results in my own wellness my confidence grew and I started to share my health and fitness journey on my social media. I decided to become a health and fitness coach in 2017 which helped me stay accountable to my own goals whilst helping others. Being able to help others get started on their own wellness journey and empowering people to take more control of their own health and well being is a huge passion of mine.
Through my own personal development whilst growing my coaching business, I discovered spiritual practices and I now also apply that to my coaching. Personally I start every day with meditation, intention setting and mindful movement and I help others do the same. My blend of health and fitness coaching with spiritual practices is a holistic approach to help people become more well in body, mind AND soul. My own soul work has hugely enhanced my ‘inner world’, feeling less anxious and able to deal with the pressures of life, and much more connected to my own purpose and sense of inner peace, which I feel so many of us are seeking or wondering where on earth to find it.

As someone who has spent the majority of her working life in the corporate world, I also want to help other young professionals who perhaps ‘lose themselves’ in their jobs and what they feel they ‘should’ be doing by now in their lives. I’ve shared my practices in the workplace too, as so many of us have constant underlying tension and anxiety throughout our day, I feel having tools and techniques to create a more consistent sense of calm throughout the day is vital to our well being, not just in the gym or on the meditation mat.

My coaching programmes help others get started with health and fitness at home. I do this online and have calls with clients to help them ‘get started right’ by first and foremost looking at their mindset and their current beliefs around their own health and fitness. I always start with mindset first and encourage journalling, meditation or breathing exercises to help with my client’s mental well being. Then we look at exercise and nutrition together to find a programme that suits them. I then plug them into my online accountability group on Facebook where there is a fantastic, supportive and fun community all working on their health and wellness together. I do regular catch ups and one to ones to provide accountability and help my clients think of their long term health and wellness – this is no ‘quick fix’ plan, it’s about thinking long term. I also hold online webinars and sessions on meditation and spiritual practices for those who want to explore the spiritual side.

As with all health services in the UK I think we are incredibly lucky to have these services available to us today. There’s much more awareness about mental health services and I do think that providing people with more practical day to day tools can take the strain off the NHS, as we are suffering from lack of budget and resources when people need it most. Personally I found myself experiencing this early 2019 when I experienced a significant period of anxiety and insomnia and went to my GP for help. I was impressed at how fast the referral was made, but then disappointed that the assessment call waiting list was three months. I went to the GP in March and couldn’t talk to anyone until mid June. I appreciate that I was a ‘low risk’ case and there are many more urgent cases than me, but it did make me worry even about those urgent cases that may be waiting for the services they so desperately need. Which is why I’m so passionate about committing to my own mental wellness and make it a priority everyday to ‘self manage’ my own mental health, and to help others do the same.

In the future I see myself bringing my spiritual practice much more into the ‘mainstream’ within my services, as this is where my own development is guiding me strongly. I would love to help others all over the world (the magic of the internet!) discover their soul purpose and the fun that can be found from doing the soul work that I feel is needed in our world right now. To get spiritual for a minute, my name Claire literally means ‘clear and bright’ so I do feel like this is my soul purpose – to bring and share light wherever I can!

You can follow Claire online via facebook or Instagram. All pictures have been provided by Claire from her Instagram page.

Thank you to Claire for being involved with our #knowyourcommunity campaign.