The Black: A poem for #WriteTheStory

This week we are focusing on poetry and how writing down our feelings creatively can have an impact on our mental health. Across the week we will be publishing a range of poems, these poems do not belong to ECBC and have been submitted by external writers.

Todays poem was submitted by Lily May.

It’s here

It’s back

The Black.

Creeping into sight,

As a storm cloud might.

Hide, run, find cover,

It’s bigger than the others.

The downpour hard

And bitter

I’m not yet a quitter

But maybe one day.

Snatching breaths

Pushing on,

The mask

Is firmly on.

Comfort is comfort

Not a hug or a song

Hatred, fear

Are the things that I long.

It’s familiar

Do I sink or swim?

Drown in gin?

Seeking validation in everything

I do or say

Why must it be this way?

A heavy burden

Hard to understand for some

How can I feel I’m done?

So many positives,

So many treasures,

I find no pleasure

I’m numb.

I’m fat

I’m worthless

I’m sad

I’m angry

I’m scared

I’m tired

I’m miserable

I’m struggling

Is this fair?

I know it will pass

It has before

But it’s still there,

hovering at my door.

Stay away

Go away

I can’t take any more.

Let me break down that door,

And breathe

And live

And soar.

I want more


Not dark

You’ve made your mark

Now go

It’s time to breathe

No more.

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