Grave Soak: A poem for #WriteTheStory

This week we are focusing on poetry and how writing down our feelings creatively can have an impact on our mental health. Across the week we will be publishing a range of poems, these poems do not belong to ECBC and have been submitted by external writers.

Todays poem is written by Sarra.

The scald pulls out aches, a poultice of burn
Pores dilate and glands purge drawing poisons
Steam’s balm relieves throat into lungs by turn

Oils and lathers mask outside redolence
Stilled and subdued in submerged weightless pass
Concealed underside, defying buoyance

Beneath like sediment replacing mass
Held down by seductive oblivion
Doused into netherside of looking glass

Nadir rush, deaf like amphibian
Resurface sharp up to abrupt summit
Of asphyxiation’s meridian

Subito spasmodic, frenzy ambit
Reflexive gasps from betraying gullet

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