Running: A poem for #WriteTheStory

This week we are focusing on poetry and how writing down our feelings creatively can have an impact on our mental health. Across the week we will be publishing a range of poems, these poems do not belong to ECBC and have been submitted by external writers.

Todays poem was submitted by Sarra.

Towards clarity
to green-leafed outdoors

so white static muffles
destination headspace
build the expected ideal
permissibly perfecting
chase atonement of endorphin kicks
attain fortifying aches exquisite
with all the perks, virtuous, legit
self-care time allocation
force distraction

outpacing fog
from chores
dragging nag noises
departing riddles
demolish the unsightly
abolish each unforgivable fold
escape fatigue’s trap of despair
in emulation of phantom self-harm
lactic acid lacerations in limbs
self limiting
from living

How did this poem make you feel? Please share your thoughts below.

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