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#KnowYourCommunity: Moodswings

#KnowYourCommunity is an ECBC campaign that hopes to raise awareness of groups/charities/organisations/people that help those living with a mental illness and empowering others.

ECBC spoke to Moodswings back in December 2019, a local mental health charity, about how they are helping promote wellbeing in and around Manchester.

We are Moodswings, a Mental Health Charity based near Angel Meadows Park in Manchester City Centre.

Moodswings was set up in 1999 to support people with severe and enduring mental health problems and their friends and family. Tom McAlpine OBE created the charity with a small team of volunteers to provide much needed emotional and practical support, which was hard to come by at the time.

When we were initially set up, we wanted to help people through life’s ups and downs, particularly focusing on positive recovery for Mood Disorders. However, we recognise that everybody has fluctuations in their mood, triggered by various forms of emotional distress. So we want to be there to help people through these periods and also whether or not they have a diagnosis.

What are Moodswings doing to help those living with a mental illness?

We provide various forms of support. For people that can get to us, we provide 1-2-1 support at our confidential office here in Manchester. This consists of positive recovery focused emotional support, setting goals, mood management strategies and with the intention of increasing and maintaining mental wellbeing.
Also, we run various different “get up and do something” activity groups to enable people to have positive escapism from their problems for a short time. These include a drama class, singing group, craft & chat, walk & talk, gardening, movement & relaxation, creative writing and many more special activities depending on the time of year. We also run coping workshops around various different disciplines within Mental Health. These include one around Anxiety, Self Esteem, Anger, Funny Feelings (Psychosis) and Coping with Christmas.

There is also our helpline which is open for anyone to call nationwide for more spontaneous emotional support over the phone. The number is 0161 832 3736 and we are open Monday- Friday 10-4pm.

We have various upcoming workshops which we will be confirming the dates soon. These will be advertised online on Social Media. We do ask people to get in touch before hand to discuss a couple of things for safeguarding reasons.

Where do you see Moodswings in the future?

We are really excited about the short term future of Moodswings. We are due to open our Thumbs Up Community Cafe in January which has been a goal for the charity for some time now. We will provide hands-on opportunities for people to build confidence and recover from life’s ups and downs, under the supervision of experienced mentors. With all profits going back into the charity to allow us to continue the work that we do. The cafe is located next door to our office and will open on Monday 13th January.

You can follow Moodswings on all social media platforms Facebook, twitter and instagram.

How amazing are Moodswings? Thank you so much for being involved with our #knowyourcommunity campaign.

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