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The ECBC Book Club: Thrive by J. J. Eden

This is a bit of a special one.  Not only is this collection of poetry and micro fiction touch on the subjects dear to our heart and cause, but I am also completely obsessed with the author. Which is fine because she’s our very own Jen! 

This isn’t going to be a sales pitch though. That’s not our style. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this. This is going to be as honest as every other book club entry we have written. (But if you can buy all the copies and make her a bestseller then that would be great, thanks.)

“In chaos, may we


That is the central theme of Thrive. Life is filled with ups and down and sideswipes. But we’ve got to dig deep and capture the moments where we can be our true self and live a life that we want.

thumbnail_image0 (1) 

From embracing your body in battleground, to welcoming the cold months in Hello, Jack Frost, to the hopelessness and hopefulness of of those nights when everything crumbles in invisible prison, to realising the power of digging deep in you are a survivor, every piece offers us something different. A new perspective, a hand on the shoulder, a spark to light the fire of self worth in our bellies. Sometimes funny, sometimes angry, sometimes poetic, sometimes raw, all of it completely relatable, the collection grabs you by the hand and takes you on a journey. And it stays with you. There were some parts where the meaning felt elusive to me, but as I move through my days, pieces of them will come back to me. Ahh that’s what she was talking about!

thumbnail_image (1)

Each poem is accompanied by a little sketch, which reminded me of a Rupi Kaur book. As well as being beautiful (and perfect tattoo inspirations!) they also add to this feeling that this is more like a diary entry than orchestrated and self conscious book. 

What I really like too is the fact you can read it pretty much anyway that suits you. You can read it front to back, in one go. You can dip in and out. Or you can read it backwards, like I mindlessly did! 

Thrive is a beautiful collection in so many ways and it really is worthy of your time this month.

You can get it on Kindle and in book form here. (If you can afford the extra money, I would really recommend getting the physical copy as the cover is lovely!)

Happy thriving!

Jodie x 

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