The ECBC Book Club: Becoming, Michelle Obama

My boyfriend and I were in Waterstones the other day (I like to go in to smell the books – no you’re weird) and he asked me why I like autobiographies so much.. and I couldn’t really give him an answer.

I guess I love hearing other peoples stories and the journey they have been on. I particularly enjoy when the author changes how I have viewed them before.

Michelle Obama, in particular, has always appeared to me as a sensible woman dressed in sensible clothes. Someone who is well spoken and kind, whilst also probably having the power to snap her fingers and get what she wants. I didn’t even see her as an individual, with a past but more just who she was in the present – the First Lady (well she was, I refuse to acknowledge the current First Lady of the United States).

However the further I got into the book I began to realise my ignorance- Michelle wasn’t always Michelle Obama, she was Michelle Robinson from Chicago Southside, someone who worked extremely hard to get where she is today.

Someone who had loved and had lost.

“It hurts to live after someone has died.”

It’s also extremely enlightening that someone with the spot light on them would allow themselves to be this vulnerable and talk about moments in their life where they struggled.

“A miscarriage is lonely, painful, and demoralising”

Not only does Michelle discuss how she in the past had doubts about sharing her husband with the US but also about how she had to put her own aspirations on hold.

I admire Michelle and really enjoyed reading her story and how she became who she is today.

I guess I love hearing how someone who is so very strong and aspirational also had some dark times in the past.

Makes you feel less small.

I would definitely recommend reading this book – 5 stars.

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