Happy 1st Birthday ECBC!

Welcome to our party! Grab an imaginary slice of cake and large glass of gin and let’s partayyy. We can’t believe it’s been one year since we started this blog and began running our organisation.What a year it’s been and what a journey we have had.

Firstly I would like to thank every single one of you who have read our blog posts, followed us on social media and subscribed to our blog. It’s not about the numbers – but the more we spread awareness the more people start talking, and that’s what I created ECBC for.

ECBC started out as an idea and has transformed into something I never would have imagined. I’m just a loud-mouthed, anxious Mancunian who wants to use a negative experience and turn it into a positive one.

I want to take this opportunity to thank some very special people: Jodie and Jen.

Without these two lovely ladies ECBC wouldn’t be the same and I would definitely be a mess trying to figure out how to run everything. Jodie has been my friend since I was 17 years old and our friendship has gotten stronger and stronger over the years as we have been able to talk openly about our mental health and daily ins and outs. Jodie sat down with me last June and planned with me how I wanted ECBC to look and work. Since then Jodie has ran ECBC so beautifully and been there for me as a friend. I cannot thank her enough – shes way too hard on herself sometimes, but I know she is a beautiful person inside and out and deserves the best.

Speaking of beautiful people, Jen is definitely one of the kindest souls I have ever met. I haven’t known Jen all too long but I’m so glad she has walked into my life. Jen joined us just after we got the ball rolling with ECBC and has been a wonderful addition to our little team. Since joining Jen has opened my eyes to the world of blogging as Jen also has her own personal blog and has used her experience to really help ECBC reach it’s potential. She is a superstar.

Furthermore thank you to all the contents writers from this year – every single blog post is so important and can help so many people who have lived the same experience or who are looking for some help and guidance. Living with a mental illness can make you feel so isolated – it’s lovely to have an opportunity to help in any way.

I also want to thank myself – it takes a lot to do something like this and open yourself up and I’m very glad that I did take that first step over a year ago now. It also takes a lot to run an organisation like this in your spare time and I have somehow managed it so far with Jodie and Jen by my side and I’m very proud of us.

So how does the next year look?

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression I often have great intentions but then can have a wobble which results in plans going out the window. I hope to run more events this year in and around Manchester.

I would also love to have more content writers – because every single voice and experience is different, so it is so important to be able to hear from different people. Expanding the team also means we can do more to help, so I hope to be able to see more volunteers get involved with our organisation.

A lot can happen in a year, so we will just have to see – it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself, so I will be following my own advice and living every single day to the full.

Thank you for celebrating with us.

Much love

Emma x

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday ECBC!”

  1. We had a Twitter interaction a while back when I posted on a Time to Change post asking if I could send in an anonymous blog. You said I shouldn’t feel like I need to be anonymous (or something like that). I followed your work since then and am so happy to see ECBC is doing well! I’m open about my MH face to face and am now toying with the idea of telling more people about my little blog too, you’ll be pleased to know. I wanted to tell you that I haven’t forgotten our interaction. Keeping being awesome and spreading the love! xx

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    1. That means the world to me and I’m so happy you are feeling more comfortable talking about your mental health. I understand people do sometimes feel like they dont want to discuss it – and that’s okay – but we try to encourage people to start the conversation 🙂 thank you for your comment it’s made my day xxx


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