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The Importance of Writing Down Your Feelings

Written by Mental Health and Lifestyle blogger Cara Lisette. Cara shares her experience of opening up about her mental illness and how writing and sharing her story has helped on her self-love journey.


If you’d have asked me five years ago what my biggest fear was, it would have been anybody finding out about my mental illness. I had experienced years of stigma from being a young teenager struggling with my mental health all the way into early adulthood, so gradually over time I had learnt to shut down. Even if talking was helpful for me, it just felt safer not to.

However, I noticed that eventually my feelings of shame started to shift, and I was starting to feel very angry. Why should I feel like this? It wasn’t my fault I was mentally ill. It wasn’t fair that on top of having to deal with all of the difficulties that come hand in hand with that, I also had to feel embarrassed. And if I was feeling embarrassed and keeping it a secret, that meant other people were too.

It dawned on me that I wanted to be part of the change. I hated the idea that so many of us were being shamed into silence.

Cara’s no.1 fan is her furry friend Panda (yes the cutest name ever) 

I first started sharing my story in person. I travelled the country talking about it to groups of strangers unbeknownst to almost everyone in my actual life – talking to people I would never see again was one thing but becoming vulnerable to my family, friends and colleagues was another. Eventually though, through telling my story out loud, I began to accept it more. I acknowledged that it is part of who I am and felt less and less ashamed.

It felt like the time had come to start sharing with people around me. I shared an anonymous blog post I had written for Time To Change on my Facebook and it all escalated from there. I had such nice feedback from people and it gave me that final permission to not feel shame and embarrassment anymore. People weren’t going to abandon me or make fun of me. They were still there.

Now, a few years on, I have my own blog up and running in which I speak candidly about the ups and downs of my mental health. I find it at incredibly cathartic process, writing my thoughts and feelings down, and the responses I get from other people encourage me to keep going when things feel difficult. Writing has not only helped me to be more honest overall, but has helped me to start communicating with people around me when things have been difficult. This is something I never did before and I am getting better and better at it, all thanks to me finally opening up.

It’s definitely one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but I’m so glad that I started this journey. Even if you don’t feel able to share publicly, please consider talking to people around you. People can’t help unless they know what’s going on, and from my experience people desperately wanted to help me I just wouldn’t let them.
It’s brave to talk. It’s helpful to talk. It’s okay to talk.


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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Writing Down Your Feelings”

  1. I love everything about this post. Congrats on being able to share your MH story with others, those you don’t know, and those close to you. You are a part of the change. Increasing awareness, bringing this topic out into the open is helpful for all. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Interesting post! I don’t have a mental illness but I can totally understand how difficult it can be to open up about your feelings. I think it’s great that Cara has managed to flip that and talks so openly about it now x


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  3. Well done for plucking up the courage to share your story. I truly hope it helps others deal with their own struggles. Very brave, well done x

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  4. Its wonderful that you shared your story with us and I am sure you have inspired others to do so.
    I agree writing things down is a fantastic way to help declutter your mind and focus on things.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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  5. I just really enjoyed this post. Reading this I felt like I was having a conversation with you. The work you do is so important and there’s so much power and connection in your vulnerability.

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