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The ECBC Book Club: Susan Calman’s Sunny Side Up

ECBC Manchester runs a monthly internet book-club, we recommend and review books to try and ask in return that you let us know how you found the book, or give us a recommendation on what to read next. x

A story of Kindness and Joy is exactly what Calman delivers. Since her first book (Cheer up Love) Susan has been on a life-changing journey and the weekly cha-cha-chas on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 has been a major part of this self-discovery.

Calman takes a look at the world from a different perspective and explains how more kindness could significantly impact our divided society as it currently stands. Which to me makes sense – if only we took a second to understand one another, or the fact that we all have our differences – we may be able to start having conversations instead of arguments.


‘The key to empathy is to look at someone. To really look at them. Not a cursory glance, and not a strange penetrating gaze either.’

Throughout the book Calman is extremely honest with the fact she knows she is just one human being, sometimes miserable herself, and understands not everyone will agree with her manifesto. Nevertheless, this doesn’t defer her from asking each and every one of us to be a little more kind – because this then opens more doors to being less miserable.

I completely understand this way of looking at life, if we all were just a bit kinder and less quick to get our backs up, the world could be a little less shit. I understand, just like Susan does, that this is a nice rainbow-effect view on the world and there are generally terrible people that this can not be applied to. But the average joes like you and me – we could help each other out and maybe there will be less shit people in power (#EmmaforPrimeMinister).

Have you read this book yet? What did you think? (All reviews welcome – everyone has a different experience when reading a book) x

10 thoughts on “The ECBC Book Club: Susan Calman’s Sunny Side Up”

  1. I agree with your post. I also think that being understanding is also a great form of kindness, because of the openness. Overall, though, I wish the world was more kind. I am currently reading 7 habits of effective people by Stephen R. Covey and it’s a great book that is similar to what your book is talking about.

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  2. Have not read this book yet but am definitely going to have to run and grab it! It’s a really cool thing you guys are doing here!

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  3. I haven’t heard of this book before, but I love the concept of it. A little more positive energy in the world could do us all a lot of good. Book clubs are so much fun!

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