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A Woman’s Best Friend: How Having a Pet has Benefited my Life

Pets can be hard work, but they can make your life so whole.

My partner and I adopted a puppy back in October and even though I can’t remember what a full nights sleep is, he’s changed my life for good.

Scout, the Lurcher, is everything.

You are looking after them, in which case looking after yourself

Whether you are taking them for a walk, feeding them or making sure they are okay – this can all link up with your own wellbeing. Going for walks makes sure you get some fresh air even if you feel you don’t deserve it, you do it for your little one. Making sure they eat means you then follow up with your own meal.

They will never judge you and will always love you

Different pets show love in different ways. My family cat spends probably 1 day out of the 365 giving me a fuss, but that’s how she shows her love – she likes her space!! My little puppy will always come sit with me, he won’t question why I’m never out or why I’m having a little cry. He will just be there, by my side. No matter what.


They give the best cuddles

I swear there’s some science behind cuddling your pets and how it makes you feel. Having a cuddle with Scout on the sofa is literally the best feeling. After a long day at work it’s a way of relaxing with a long hug.


They won’t leave you alone – which is a plus..sometimes.

Yes it can be annoying when your cat follows you to the bathroom and sits and stares at you. But it’s their way of saying they want to spend time with you. It’s a way of having space, but not feeling lonely. You don’t have to speak to them… but there is someone there.


They can help with ‘small talk’ & meeting new people

I can sometimes struggle talking to others, but having a pet can help you talk to others, even if it’s only for a second. A small ‘morning’ whilst walking past another dog owner, or seeing a cat in the street and meeting it’s owner – there’s always an opportunity to have a chat when talking about pets! There are also pet groups like dog walking for example, a great opportunity to meet new people when your dog is meeting new dogs.


If you don’t have a pet there are lots of apps and websites where you can take other people’s dogs for walks or cat sit for someone. 

Do you have any pets? Do you find it helps with your mental health?


Take care

Love Emma (and Scout) x

17 thoughts on “A Woman’s Best Friend: How Having a Pet has Benefited my Life”

  1. So many good points here! I’m getting a pet later this year and I cannot wait as I know it’ll benefit my mental health and physical health 🙂

    Also, your dog is gorgeous! I love Lurchers.

    Scarlett |

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  2. Everything you mentioned is SO TRUE! My dog is my life!! One of my favorite points you brought up was that it’s nice sometimes that your pet won’t leave you alone because at least it’s like someone is always there!

    Steph |

    Liked by 1 person

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