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How to Survive NYE Pressures with Social Anxiety

I have never been a fan of New Years Eve.

The idea of being in a sweaty party, tipsy on cheap booze, hiding from strangers that want to kiss you and staying up past 11pm has never filled me with joy. The people that do enjoy these social occasions are alien to me as I would rather avoid it at all costs.

I have spent every single NYE since I turned 18 trying to discover how I can get away with just staying inside without people judging me or judging myself. I once spent NYE with my mother: we stayed up for the fireworks, drank a glass of prosecco and I was in bed by 12:15 – it was magical.

I spent NYE 2016 in bed throwing up because I had contracted a tummy bug that day. Others would be fuming, I was secretly pleased because it was the perfect excuse not to have to socialise. My body knew what I really wanted, even if it was not a nice way to spend the day.

My point is – there is this massive social pressure that you have to have a perfect NYE. That we all have to go out, enjoy fireworks, put on our best dresses and partayyyy. No. Not for Emma. Emma lives for fluffy socks, Emma loves quiet and warmth, not sweaty crowds and the thought of getting public transport home.

I’m not saying it isn’t okay to go out – if you love going out on NYE I admire you, you are brave. But please don’t force yourself to. It’s okay to be a grandma like me. 

If you get invited to any parties – just be honest

I have spent a few years lying to people that I had other plans, etc. but finally just confess that I just don’t want to go – if they are my real friends they will understand and love me for my hermit-self. There’s no point in lying as there’s nothing to be ashamed about.

If you do feel like going to the party but you are a bit nervous – make sure you have a party buddy and be honest with them that you are a bit anxious. Turn up together and go home together – this means you don’t have to feel anxious about travelling. Although the taxi fares are horrendous at least you can share. Also if you are nervous don’t get sloshed, this won’t help and you will feel worse in the morning. Limit yourself to what you think is a comfortable limit, and if you haven’t learnt that yet BOY you are in for a few lessons.

Plan the night out – know how you can get home, where you are going and make sure you have enough money

The idea of a night in town makes me feel a little sick, but if you are going out just plan beforehand – have the tram times screenshotted on your phone or get the live app. Have a taxi number saved on your phone – or if you are really planning ahead written on a piece of paper in your bag. Have a good plan of where you want to go – NYE can be very busy so make sure you have bookings or know which venues you are going to.

Also, I always make sure to have a sneaky tenner in my bra (if you choose to wear one, if not maybe a sneaky pocket) that’s not in my bag, just in case the worst happens and your bag/wallet/phone gets nicked.

Don’t let online ‘personas’ get to you

You might see lots of pictures of people out and about having fun – this isn’t always the story. Even so, don’t compare yourself to others – focus on you and remind yourself why you chose to spend the night your way. As I said I’m not the going out type really, but others love it and that’s completely fine.

It’s not going to be a ‘perfect happy’ night

For some people NYE can be difficult, people may have lost loved ones, may be struggling or just not feel happy – that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be a night for you to wear your happy mask, allow yourself to feel how you feel, the more you fight it the worse you feel.

How are you spending your NYE? Any other tips you could give? 

Be safe
Emma x


5 thoughts on “How to Survive NYE Pressures with Social Anxiety”

  1. I am so with you! NYE has NEVER really been my thing. I’ve never done more than just hang out with family, but even that lately has been like, eh… I’ll just stay home, I want to sleep… haha

    Going out on NYE is the worst! I don’t like that people are being irresponsible… there is SO much drinking and a lot of drunk driving…

    These are good tips for those that do want to go out but just want to feel safe.

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  2. Thank you! It can be so difficult having social anxiety and trying to act “normal” and “okay” when feeling obligated to go to a large gathering. Great tips!

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  3. This is a great post with solid advice! I’m in tonight myself, eating Chinese food with my sister whilst my parents are out – wrong way round there maybe 😂 I went out for new years a few years ago and it was SO overpriced and just not enjoyable at all. I’d much rather stay in any day. Hope you’re enjoying your evening! Xx

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