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Dear People who use the term ‘Snowflake’ to Mock & Patronise


Emma here.

I am a sensitive soul. I have social anxiety and depression. I don’t like crowds, I don’t like supermarkets, I generally panic when I have to leave my house to go somewhere that I don’t know or know will be somewhere I won’t feel safe.

What I do have is empathy. What we need more of in this world is empathy.

The ability to understand and see something from another persons point of view. If someone is upset – let’s take a moment to see the situation from their side. Would you be upset too? How would you feel?

Take the recent change to ‘A New York Fairy-tale’, classic Christmas song – some people complained after it was being aired this year that the term ‘faggot’ in the song was inappropriate and the song should not be played. This resulted in lots of Facebook stories all about how the ‘Snowflakes’ were going mad and even DARING to be upset about a homophobic term in an old Christmas song. That’s what it is – a homophobic term. A term that has been used to bully, harass and insult the LGBTQ community. People were unable to see how upsetting it can be to be in the car and have a national radio playing a song that includes a term that insults who you are as a person. It isn’t ‘just a word’, it’s a history and lots of peoples history that can be triggered by just that one word.

Why do we naturally react so defensively? Why did people turn around and call people sensitive and PC-mad as their first reaction, rather than accept that they perhaps should have taken a second thought? Because we have lost our ability to understand.

I recently saw another ‘Snowflake’ shame article by the toad of a ‘newspaper’ The Daily Mail. This included how 9 year olds were using meditation and yoga, etc. to overcome anxieties and prepare themselves for the real adult world. AND THEY WERE SHAMING THEM. What’s wrong with trying to prepare yourself for the shit-storm that is adult life in the 21st century?! I certainly wish I had been more prepared and meditated more growing up. People are struggling and we are just laughing at them.

Suicide rates are at an almighty high, but when people show signs of sensitivity – they are shamed. Yet no one will put two and two together. If we did people would understand if we chose to be more understanding, more open – this could stop people feeling so ashamed they feel like no one will understand.

If you are generally reading this article and not understanding why mocking people for having feelings is wrong, then please message us and I will be happy to explain further.


I am a sensitive soul.

I try to understand rather than mock.

I am a ‘Snowflake’. Mock me, I fucking dare you.


8 thoughts on “Dear People who use the term ‘Snowflake’ to Mock & Patronise”

  1. Really good article Emma, point very well put across. Too often a damaging phrase such as ‘snowflake’ is coined and used to oppress others. One aspect they’ve missed in their ignorance is that snowflakes are one of a kind and unique. I’d rather be that than the alternative!

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  2. I do think the world needs a little more empathy as well as self awareness. I also hate how millennials are automatically coined as snowflakes a bums, when studies have shown millennials are incredibly hard working and maybe even more so than the generation before them. We brought perspective into the world and are being mistaken for babies. If eveyone took the time to self reflect and act with empathy, I’m sure the world would be better for it.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel | http://www.myspottedblog.con

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  3. A great post, with a really important message! Words are more than just words, they’re labels and can damage people. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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