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Own Your Space – #QueerEye

When you’re struggling with mental illness it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by the simplest things. Everyday tasks seem insurmountable and we end up feeling helpless, useless, and surrounded by chaos. Getting back on top of those runaway trains of thought and feeling can seem impossible, but sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Inspired by Queer Eye (which, by the way, is the feel good show that everyone needs in their life), this blog series will be made up of posts focusing on small things you can do in the areas of space, food, grooming, fashion, and culture, that could make a big difference by helping you feel more in control, or give you a sense of achievement.

Today, I’m channeling Bobby and thinking about the little things that can make a big difference in the spaces you’re in: specifically, how to love your sleeping space!

Sleep Spaces for Sweet Dreams

There’s no denying that sleep is important. But sometimes mental illness makes sleep either far to elusive or the only thing we can manage to do. Whether you are experiencing either of these states or are managing to maintain a happy, healthy sleep life, making your bed a lovely space can work wonders. My small change for a big difference here is simple and costs nothing:

Make your bed.

Every day.

Even if you only get up for an hour.

Tug the duvet straight, plump up the pillows, add a throw cushion if that’s your sort of thing, but make your bed neatly. This simple thing makes such a HUGE difference to the space you sleep in and how you feel about it. For me, it’s an absolute must. It helps me feel calm and makes my bedroom seem a neater, more appealing place to be. As I often experience anxiety at night time, this is really important to me and on the bad days this is the one thing I always make myself do – no matter how much I feel like I can’t be bothered – because I know it will make all the difference.

IMG_2055 2.JPG

There are other ways to enhance your sleeping space, such as keeping clutter to a minimum, using essential oils or an aromatic diffuser to bring a calming scent into the room, having fresh air circulating whenever you can, or, if you’re feeling ambitious (and have a bigger budget), redecorate the space using neutral colours. When we redecorated our bedroom it was super stressful but it was SO worth it – it is now one of my favourite rooms and is a far calmer space. I incorporated a mountain scene into our decor which was actually super simple to do but looks impressive (if I do say so myself!) – have a look on pinterest for ideas and find something that appeals to you.

Making your bedroom a serene space doesn’t have to be an expensive or mammoth undertaking. Start with making your bed and, as and when you have the time, energy, and budget, slowly clear out some of the surrounding clutter and bring in some fresh, neutral tones – whether that’s a new bedspread or a complete paint job!

Top Tip: If you’re redecorating, an ‘off-white’ is a great base to work from. It ages better than magnolia and isn’t as harsh as brilliant white. You can pair it with cool greys and blues or with warmer creams and earth tones so it makes your space nice and versatile too!


8 thoughts on “Own Your Space – #QueerEye”

  1. I’ve recently been introduced to Queer Eye by a friend and OH my god! I love it, its such a good show and everyone needs to watch at least one episode in their life!
    I love this post, sometimes its hard to concentrate on the little things like making your bed in the morning when you have so many other things going on in your head. Something as little as that can help change the whole day.
    Kayla |

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    1. So glad you enjoyed the post (and that you’ve been introduced to the delights of Queer Eye!). Making the bed can definitely change the day – if nothing else it means you come home to an appealing space when you’re heading back to bed! Thanks for commenting.☺️


  2. Lovely post and some really good advice. I always feel so much better when I make the bed in the morning – it just makes me feel fresh and ready for the day. Also when you get back into bed at the end of the day and it’s all neat and made for some reason it just makes it feel cosier!

    Chloe xx

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    1. Thanks! It was a bit of an experiment, really. I saw something like it on Pinterest and wanted to create my own. I chose the colour I wanted for my darkest mountain and then added varying degrees of white to it to create the different shades, plus using an off white and brilliant white for the two palest mountains. I free sketched a vaguely mountainous outline on the wall I pencil and then painted them in – starting at the top with the palest colour and working down in blocks: a bit like paint by numbers!☺️

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