Where did September go? It’s definitely Autumn season.

Seriously? How is it October already?

Wow September was a hectic month! But thankfully we had #SelfcareSeptember to keep us going and to make sure we looked after ourselves. Here’s a reminder of the 30 activities we suggested:

  1. Set a routine for self-Care
  2. Stretch
  3. Find a way to feel squeaky clean
  4. Be inspired
  5. Think about your bedtime
  6. Read
  7. Wear what makes you happy
  8. Be a tourist in your city
  9. Cook something
  10. Let out the negative feelings
  11. Smile
  12. Look after your skin
  13. Escape reality
  14. Be still
  15. Treat yo self
  16. Be around people
  17. List what makes you happy
  18. Treat yourself to your fave food
  19. Fix up, look sharp
  20. Learn something new
  21. Move your body
  22. Tidy your space
  23. Have a digital detox
  24. Think about your morning
  25. Hydrate
  26. Treat your feet
  27. Exercise your brain
  28. Recognise your awesomeness
  29. Socialise
  30. Listen to a Podcast

We will be leaving our self-care calendar up on the resource section of our site so you can revisit this anytime you need to reassess your self-care routine.

What’s in store for October…

We have got some wonderful blogs and resources coming soon. We will be celebrating having the Fab 5 back on our TV screens with a Queer Eye blog series focusing on what we can learn about selfcare from each of their specialities. We are also introducing our new FILM CLUB!! If you have any suggestions for this, please let us know.

We also have some new events coming up and even more to organise- we currently arranging an Anxiety-friendly dancing class and we will be working with some fabulous organisations to run creative workshops to add a moment of positive to our month. More details will be released soon.

For now, we we’d like to say thank you to all our new followers, thank you to everyone sharing our content and thank you to everyone we have worked with so far.

Take care of yourselves

E, J and J
The ECBC Team x


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