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#SelfcareSeptember – Blurt’s Buddy Box Review: A Growing Seed

Yes, I’ve gone and ordered another Buddy Box, but it’s #SelfcareSeptember and it would be rude not to surely? 

I constantly mention my inspiration: Blurt Foundation. Set up by Jayne Hardy, Blurt supports anyone with depression with helpful resources, online blogs, organises projects. They are national treasures and I am inspired by them everyday. One of their initiatives are their Buddy Boxes. Which are, put simply, a hug in a box. I decided to order another box to celebrate Selfcare September and wanted to share what was inside with you all.


What’s a Buddy Box?

Blurt supply the Buddy Box to encourage self-care and to provide a pick-me-up. You can purchase a box for yourself or if you know a friend or family member has been feeling a bit low, you can purchase a box for them too. They provide a monthly subscription or you can purchase a box one-off like I did. Each box is £21.50 and are available through Blurt’s website.


What’s in September’s box?

There are five items in each box that will help with self-care and also help you get through the week. Each item has a purpose and the box comes with a lovely little inspirational quote, which I popped on my mirror to look at in the mornings.

In my particular box I had been sent:

  1. Shower bomb – a what? Yes a bath bomb for the shower from the lovely company Shobu – created by two friends over a glass of wine, Shobu is all about relaxing with a hectic schedule and finding ways around business to self-care. This particular shower bomb smelt of lavender – which always reminds me of going to visit my grandma who I miss – so it was a nice way to relax but also took to me a happy place pretty quickly.
  2. Door hanger – made by Blurt, this little addition to my room is going to come in handy. I struggle sometimes making it clear I just want to have a bit of peace and quiet but this is a nice way of saying it. Also it’s pretty.
  3. Self-care Cards – okay so I’m going to be using these for the rest of my life to remind myself of the small things I can do each day for self-care. Much like ECBC’s Selfcare September Calendar, each card has a suggestion for self-care, e.g. ‘Create a bed nest’, ‘change into clean clothes and brush your teeth’ or ‘write a letter to someone and post it’. Designed by Stacie Swift exclusively for Blurt, these cards are available to purchase separately.
  4. How to Grow your No Mapology Guide – Here at ECBC we are all about the ‘No’ word and I was very excited to find this guide in the care package. The guide opens up and gives instructions and hilarious diagrams on how and why we need to say no. If you are a yes person, this guide is for you.
  5. 365 Days of Self-care Journal – Jayne Hardy has done it again, included was the newly released journal that is all about encouraging and jotting down self-care feelings and activities for the next 365 days. I’m starting it tomorrow and I can’t wait – I struggle writing down my feelings but I’m excited to try and with the layout of this journal there isn’t that pressure to write down 600 words – it’s all about noting how you are feeling.


If you are not in the position to purchase a self-care box, you could make a self-care package at home for you or someone you want to support. Blogger Stronger Together has provided a great list of things you can include. Or the self-care items within the box are all available online (links provided above).

Please take care of yourselves. You are important and deserve time to care for yourself.

image  Emma ~ Founder of ECBC x

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