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Introducing Float: Bringing Wellness to Manchester

Here at ECBC we love working with our local communities and other organisations supporting and helping those living with a mental illness and raising awareness of how to promote a healthy well-being. 

Do you have any plans on the 22nd September? Have you got your diary at the ready because I’ve got an event I think you’d like to attend?! (Too forward? Sorry I’m just a strong independent woman who likes to be upfront)

Float Festival, a day of wellness and well-being, is coming to Manchester.

Wellness is talking, learning exploring, stumbling, creating. Wellness is not perfection in body or mind, string-chasing or self-hating. Wellness is trail and error, buoyancy in stormy seas and anything that feels liberating. Wellness is people that breathe and talk and eat and grow; self acceptance, a quiet mind, a desire to believe. Float Festival

A day of focusing on ourselves. Promoting the wonderful idea that we are important and deserve a healthy well-being. Wellness links to our love of self-care and reflection. We deserve to take time out for ourselves. As someone who struggles with depression I can confirm having an hour distracted by either creating, listening, watching or learning can definitely help put those dark thoughts and motivational issues aside and give you some peace. Distraction and keeping busy is such an important part of recovery and living day to day with mental health issues. Let’s get together and do something to keep our minds focused.

We’re in for a treat – yoga workshops, calligraphy sessions, dancing, ceramic play, photography workshops, book reading, embroidery – I literally could go on and on. See the timetable below and the amazing range of activities to get involved in:



I’m struggling to decide which workshops to attend – wish there were more of me!

The team behind Float are so warm and welcoming and wish to promote the idea of wellness linking to the mind – not just our bodies. You can follow them on social media or contact themcontact them if you have any further enquiries.

You can find tickets prices and further info here.

We hope to see you there!

Emma and the ECBC Team x

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