Creating a Community – July 2018

Hello! How is it the end of July already? Does anyone remember what it’s like to wear a jumper?

We’ve really started to find our rhythm this month. Big thank you to the people who have chatted to us on social media, contributed to the blog and those whose contributions are on the way. When Emma and I first met up to talk about her vision for ECBC, we realised that it was really important for us to create a space and a community where people can share their stories and advice without judgement or pressure. And I think, with your input, we are starting to do that.

We also had our first walk and talk event at Chorlton Waterpark on the – -July. It was really relaxing after a busy Monday at work to just walk around in a beautiful place and chat to people from all different walks of life. It was so good in fact, Em’s arranged to do it again in August (get all the details here).

A conga line of loveliness x

The biggest highlight of the month for me has been hearing how many people have reached out and got in touch with Emma or ECBC as a group, just to chat, or ask for advice, or even to say they like what we are doing (which is super nice and makes us all weepy). If what we do makes one person feel less lonely or empowers them to find support then I feel like we’ve succeeded.

Coming up in August

We’ve got the aforementioned Walk and Talk on 11th August at 10am. Would be great to see you there if you can make it!

We’ve also got blogs on being open and honest, the importance of community, food, as well as the regular ECBC Book Club review, which this month will be about Matt Haig’s ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’.

We will also be announcing something super exciting for September (once I’ve made the graphics for it…!)

Lots of love and wishes for the month ahead.


Jodie – The Content Goblin and Social Media Skeksie x

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