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Blurt’s Buddy Box Review: A True Treasure

Self-care is so important. 

It took me a year of counselling to understand that I did not value myself as I value others. I did not eat properly – but if I found out someone hadn’t eaten that day I’d be the quickest person to tell them off. I would encourage others to cry if they had a bad day, but often told myself not to cry because there was nothing wrong with me.

I recently started Selfcare Sundays with my housemate. We decided every Sunday we are going to sit down together, watch a bit of crappy TV and pamper ourselves. This can be a simple thing of painting our nails, putting on a face mask or just eating some of our favourite foods. This moment completely changed the way I viewed Sunday evenings. I saw them as the worst time of the week, preparing for Monday – but now I see it in a different light and treasure that moment, knowing my Monday morning will be better for it.

Which led me to the Blurt Foundation. Set up by Jayne Hardy, Blurt supports anyone with depression with helpful resources, online blogs, organises projects. They are national treasures and I am inspired by them everyday. One of their initiatives are their Buddy Boxes. Which are, put simply, a hug in a box.

“I’m passionate about connecting people with other people who have shared similar experiences but also in raising awareness and understanding of depression. I truly believe that starting conversations about depression, not only empowers and educates, but it saves lives.” Jayne Hardy, Founder of the Blurt Foundation 

You know where this is leading….Of course I had to buy one!

What’s a Buddy Box?


Blurt supply the Buddy Box to encourage self-care and to provide a pick-me-up. You can purchase a box for yourself or if you know a friend or family member has been feeling a bit low, you can purchase a box for them too. They provide a monthly subscription or you can purchase a box one-off like I did. Each box is £21.50 and are available through Blurt’s website.

What’s in the box?

Everything I needed and more.

There are five items in each box that will help with self-care and also help you get through the week. Each item has a purpose and the box comes with a lovely little inspirational quote, which I popped on my mirror to look at in the mornings.

In my particular box I had been sent:

  1. Face mask – provided by the lovely Spacemasks, this mask felt literally took my tensions away and got rid of my puffy eyes. Ingredients included Essence of Jasmine and iron powder (along with a little bit of magic)
  2. Socks – my feet have been replaced by clouds by Thought’s craft contemporary, sustainable clothing. Planet friendly and uber comfortable.
  3. Badge – this particular badge is to be worn with pride, for I am a self-care champion. This is another way I can proudly show how I am support myself through my mental illness. Also it has a turtle on it.
  4. Foot balm stick – I’ll be honest… I didn’t know these existed. I first put it on my lips until I read the product again properly. But after trying it on the right body part I understand why it was created. Very soothing.
  5. The Self-Care Project – a book that has been recommended to me several times in the past few months. I am on page 5 and it is so heart warming and honest. I cannot wait to keep reading (it may feature in the ECBC Book Club soon!)file[2371]

If you are not in the position to purchase a self-care box, you could make a self-care package at home for you or someone you want to support. Blogger Stronger Together has provided a great list of things you can include.

Please take care of yourselves. You are important and deserve time to care for yourself.

image  Emma ~ Founder of ECBC x


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